Powerfully Living


Hello Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you for being here!

You will always receive what you truly desire in your heart. Your mind makes you believe sometimes that you desire something that is different from what you truly desire in your heart. It is what I see as a safe ego mechanism when that happens. Our mind is so powerful it always wins! We are so lucky we can be aware of this fact and we can think powerfully and therefore create a powerfully happy life. What I mean by this is that you can create the life of your dreams by, in a certain way, dreaming about it! It is simple in words and a ever learning process of application and expansion. I will share how I learned to “dream” in life, how I managed my thoughts and how I learned to point them in the direction that I see my self in. I am always learning as I go in my life journey and I feel blessed to have access to AMAZING teachers. My heart is full of gratitude to those that have put them self out to teach and bring light. I feel this is my turn to step up and share what I have learned through my personal self-development studies. Thank you all for visiting Eva Full Of Life. Come back always! Follow Eva Full Of Life. See you soon! All the love, light, peace and joy to us all, always & forever!

~ Eva Full Of Life ~

Disclaimer: All the information in this weblog comes from my loving heart, my personal opinion, my life experiences, my personal self-development studies, my books and seminars. For that reason, all information in this weblog is provided “AS IS” with no responsibility from my part and no warranties. Only you can make your own life promises happen. If you have a condition or situation that needs professional assistance please contact your doctor or care provider.



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