~ Angels 101 ~


During my many self-development studies I came across a teacher that spoke very simply and purely about Angels. Ever since studying the Angels became very warming, comforting and gratifying to me. It truly illuminates my life and it fascinates my mind! I believe Angels are messengers, helpers and powerful light energy beings. Stay tuned as I share my further understanding about the Angels and how their loving light is available to all of us at all times and all situations.

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~ Eva Full Of Life ~

Disclaimer: All the information in this weblog comes from my loving heart, my personal opinion, my life experiences, my personal self-development studies, my books and seminars. For that reason, all information in this weblog is provided “AS IS” with no responsibility from my part and no warranties. Only you can make your own life promises happen. If you have a condition or situation that needs professional assistance please contact your doctor or care provider.



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