~ Have Faith ~


Hello Dear Friends & Family, thank you for being here!

Faith is complete trust and confidence. We do not see faith with our physical eyes. We experience and feel faith with our body and soul. Faith to me feels powerful, peaceful, comforting and liberating. My first vivid example of faith comes from childhood from my faith role model dear grandmother. Her faith was so strong, it shined so beautifully bright and it impacted my soul. She never tried to pursue me into her beliefs, she simply walked her walk and talked her talk. Although I did not physically see anything, if felt to me as if a pure bright warming light was shining on her while she was in her quiet practice time, usually outside or looking out a window. Her presence in my childhood taught me by example that there is something very powerful with us. Something so powerful and pure that our physical eyes are not always accustom to see. It is a powerful energy source. When we take the time to connect with this powerful energy we make the connection of our body, mind and soul. To me this is like experiencing heaven of earth. Regardless of what is happening I choose to tune into faith and I have complete trust and confidence that all is well and that everything happens for a reason. “The basis of life is freedom. The purpose of life is joy. The result of life is growth.” Abraham-Hicks.  I always keep this teaching in mind and I have faith.
I personally practice faith everyday in literally everything I do, from the simplest things to the most challenging things in my life. For example, today as I express my thoughts in this writing, my beautiful children, my loving husband and my beloved dog express their needs and requirement for my attention. My first physical reaction could be one of negativity and for a while it was. With practice I learned to turn into the faith of knowing and accepting that this “unexpected break” from writing happens for a positive reason. It comes to teach me a valuable lesson, to reroute my thought process or to just help me to take a little breather. I choose to stick to my strong believe that writing my thoughts is important for my well being. I have faith! If I don’t express my thoughts my brain feels literally constipated. When the unexpected break comes, I learned to welcome it with love and appreciation of having the people I love the most in my daily life. Faith keeps me in route to my desired outcome. When time allows I go back to my writing and it always all turns out well and everybody is happy. Have faith! Practice faith! Teach faith by example! Be faithful to your loved ones, to your self and to your beliefs! All the love, light, peace and joy to us all, always & forever!
~ Eva Full Of Life ~
Disclaimer: All the information in this weblog comes from my loving heart, my personal opinion, my life experiences, my personal self-development studies, my books and seminars. For that reason, all information in this weblog is provided “AS IS” with no responsibility from my part and no warranties. Only you can make your own life promises happen. If you have a condition or situation that needs professional assistance please contact your doctor or care provider.


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