~ We Are Happy ~


Dear Friends & Family, thank you for being here! Come back always!
Pollyanna is a classic children’s story about a young orphan whose despite the fact that she does not seem to have much to be happy about, she has a bright outlook on life and she has the aptitude for finding the positive side of everything. She inspired a powerful optimism within me that has been my forte ever since I read that book as a child. Pollyanna taught me about the “Happy Game.” The happy game is about being happy, having a positive and bright outlook regardless of the situation. Everything in our life is attracted to us by us. When we emit a happy and positive vibration and energy we attract happy and positive situations. We can use our brain power to learn and practice to manipulate our thoughts to direct them to optimistic thoughts, like Pollyanna! By simply doing that we can improve or change any circumstance. Our life is ours to passionately create. Being happy can create the life of our dream!

~ Eva Full Of Life ~

Disclaimer: All the information in this weblog comes from my loving heart, my personal opinion, my life experiences, my personal self-development studies, my books and seminars. For that reason, all information in this weblog is provided “AS IS” with no responsibility from my part and no warranties. Only you can make your own life promises happen. If you have a condition or situation that needs professional assistance please contact your doctor or care provider.



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